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Spring Break Drop-in: March 13 - 24

Important Notes:

  • Youth Centre Hours are 1:00 - 9:00 pm Monday to Friday

  • Drop-in at the New West Youth Centre is open for youth aged 11 - 18

Will you be spending a lot of time at drop-in? Consider a New West Youth Membership Pass! Just $21 for 12 months.

* Schedules and programs are subject to change without notice *

YOUTH DROP-IN Bring your friends and come out for sports, cooking, art, video games, music, and other activities. Hang out with our youth workers or create your own fun. There will be opportunity for structured and unstructured fun, competition, and prizes! Drop-in fee: $1.00 or free with Youth Membership

FREESTYLE COOKING Work together in small groups to be the kitchen champion, but beware, you will have to use mystery ingredient!

FRESH FRIDAY Not your everyday drop-in. Fridays are something always new and exciting.

ROYAL CITY SOUND Try DJing, a musical instrument, podcasting, and more, with help from our instructors.

MUSIC SCENE Bring your own or use our instruments, and play some awesome tunes. All skill levels welcome. Opportunity for performance if that’s your thing.

SPORTS TOURNAMENT Grab a team or come alone and challenge others for prizes. SWITCH-IT UP! Challenge your skills on the Nintendo Switch. Play with your friends or join in on a tournament for prizes.

More New West Youth Services Spring Break Fun!

Have questions?

Contact Youth Services Coordinator Silisha Ali:, 604.515.3775.

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