2019 Youth Awards Nomination Forms



The New Westminster Youth Awards is a ceremony designed to identify and recognize the accomplishments of youth within the City of New Westminster.  There are six categories for youth accomplishments as well as one category for adults that have supported youth in their work towards success. These categories are:


Youth Leadership

Community Service


Arts & Culture

Athletics & Sportsmanship

Youth Services Ambassador

Adult Ally



The Youth Awards themselves originated from the definition and purpose of Youth Week in B.C. which is to highlight and promote youth throughout our province during the first week of May each year.  The ceremony also provides a forum for promotion and identification of the positive contributions the youth demographic has made to the New Westminster community on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis.  An additional purpose is to establish and maintain a positive environment and outlet for youth accomplishments within the New Westminster community.  The categories and criteria are heavily Parks & Recreation based with intent to highlight youth accomplishments while in our programs, facilities, and community events.  It is a chance for youth to stand out and be noticed for the positive contributions they have made.


New Westminster Youth Services are requesting nominations from the community, with the submission deadline set for April 12th.  We hope you can contribute in assisting us thoughtfully recognize the youth of New Westminster.




Youth Leadership:  This award recognizes youth who possess strong leadership skills and are looked up to by their peers.


Youth Community Service: This award recognizes youth who have made positive contributions to the community on a voluntary basis such as serving on a committee and other volunteer work with organizations and groups.


Youth Athletics & Sportsmanship: This award recognizes youth who excel in athletics and display a good attitude and sportsmanship.


Youth Arts & Culture: This award recognizes youth who have used their artistic talents to positively impact the community through visual, performing and written arts.


Youth Stewardship: This award recognizes a youth who has gone above and beyond to continually care for or protect something or someone. This award is not limited to ‘green’ initiatives – it covers caring for and protecting people, animals, and other things as well.


Adult Ally: This award recognizes an adult mentor or service club who provide support and services to youth.