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Utilizing our new registration system, tickets may now be purchased online. Tickets may also be purchased in-person at New Westminster Parks & Recreation facilities.

Dance Event Information

Dance Event Information


All of our Youth Dance Events can accommodate up to 300 youth.  Most participants are students from New Westminster; however we occasionally have students attend from outside of our municipality. 


Youth are encouraged to dress in comfortable clothing that allows them to move around and have fun!  Youth already know what is expected of them at school and our outlook is the same.  Here are some examples of clothing items that are not permitted at our dance events because they prohibit youth from having fun and feeling safe:


  • exposed midriff or backsides

  • skirts and shorts that are extremely high cut

  • shirts and dresses with low necklines

  • strapless shirts and dresses

  • clothing with unsuitable messages or symbols

Individuals dressed in a manner that contradicts these guidelines could lose their entry into the event.


Check-in begins for pre-sale ticket holders at 6:30 pm; all other ticket holders will permitted to enter the dance at 7:00 pm. Participants will be dispersed from the Eighth Street exit of Century House (into the parking lot) at 9:00 pm.  Participants are also permitted to leave the dance early, but they will not be permitted back inside once they have left.


Upon arrival, please line up outside of the New West Youth Centre's North Entrance, youth will be let in and have their name checked-off of our registration master list.  If you have purchased a ticket, you will be on this list!  If you have not purchased a ticket OR you do not appear on our registration list, this means you will not be able to enter the dance — you must purchase a ticket, secure that ticket, and check-in under your own name.  Youth are asked to bring photo ID with them (New Westminster Recreation Access Card is great!) to provide proof of name.


​Youth will also be asked to “check” or leave their personal items — jackets, sweaters, backpacks, large purses, etc — with us.  These items will be monitored by staff during the event; however, since we cannot completely guarantee the safety and security of all items, we strongly recommend you leave anything of value at home. 

Please note: We make exceptions for very small purses—no larger than a standard birthday card—that can hold a couple of small items.  If you choose to bring a small purse into the dance, we will first look inside it for safety reasons and may not allow it into the dance if we have any concerns.


Once inside the dance, you will not have the freedom to come and go; so please be prepared with everything that you will need for the dance, including a small amount of money for the concession.  Only small change will be accepted — nothing over $5 please!  Items available, but not limited to, at the concession are: Sport Drinks, Chocolate Bars, Candy Bags, Chips, and Bottled Water.  Selection of items may vary from dance to dance.  Due to potential allergy situations, no outside food is permitted into youth dance events.


We want youth to have a great time at our dance events and that their behavior affects everyone. Youth who display behaviors that are undesirable or unsafe, such as violence or the use of alcohol and/or drugs, will remain in the care of a staff member until a parent/guardian arrives to take them home. In extreme circumstances, we will contact 9-1-1. 


All New West Youth Services Dance Events are chaperoned and supervised by City of New Westminster Youth Services staff members.   All staff on-site are First Aid certified; volunteers are also on-site to support the event in variety of capacities.


It is not recommended, so please plan ahead!  Since our dances are so popular, they often sell out many days in advance.  In addition, knowing how many youth to expect in advance assists us in making sure we have the appropriate number of Youth Services staff and helps us plan the safest event possible. 


We value your feedback and participation, youth who cannot attend a Youth Dance event can receive a refund at any Parks and Recreation facility within the following guidelines:

  • full refunds will be provided to any youth for any program cancelled by the City of New Westminster's Parks and Recreation Department OR New West Youth Services

  • full refunds will be provided up to the end of the business day of the final Wednesday leading up to the dance.


Our dances are parent- and guardian-free zones!  In fact, we encourage parents/guardians to take advantage of the few hours of freedom and go for a nice dinner or a walk, knowing that all dance participants are safe and having a good time.


Our dances end at 9:30 pm and parents/guardians should be ready to pick-up on time and, if they so choose, are welcome to return as early as 8:45 pm.  Please meet your children as they exit the dance in the Eighth Street Park lot to assist with safe dispersal from the event.


By registering your child for the dance, you are giving permission for your child to attend and confirm that your child or any child you are registering is in the appropriate grade for the activity (a dance). Accidents can be the result of the nature of the activity and can occur with or without fault on either the part of your child, the City of New Westminster or its employees, or the facility where the activity is taking place. By allowing your child to participate in this activity, you are accepting the risk of an accident occurring, and agree that this activity, as described above, is suitable for your child. 

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