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Our Services

Being a youth is tough! Pressure from friends, the media, school workload, family and others can cause confusion. New Westminster Youth Services strives to support youth socially, physically and culturally through a wide variety of programs, services and partnerships.

To support all youth in New Westminster, Youth Services is split into three geographic neighbourhoods: East End, Central-West  and Queensborough. Each neighbourhood has unique programs including drop-ins, youth councils, boys-and-girls clubs, sports clubs, arts programs and life skill development to support 11-18 year olds in a variety of ways. This is all supported by our Youth Centre centrally located in Moody Park. We also have cool special events likes dances, teen swims & skates, concerts and other programs like the Youth Firefighter Program, Royal City Sound DJ program and a variety of seasonal out-trips.

We also partner with many community groups to maximize what we can offer to youth in New Westminster and are always trying to find new programs and experiences for youth.


If you have questions, comments or new ideas for programs please contact us.

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