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Being a youth can be a challenging experience with various pressures coming from friends, social media, school, family, and other sources that can create confusion and overwhelm. New Westminster Youth Services is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to youth socially, physically, and culturally through an extensive range of programs, services, and partnerships. 

To ensure that all youth in New Westminster receive the support they need, Youth Services hosts after school drop-ins at local sites  including École Glenbrook, Fraser and Queensborough middle schools as well as Queensborough Community Centre. Each drop-in location offers unique programs such as youth leadership groups, arts programs, and life-skills development activities, which cater to 11-13 and 13-18-year olds in different ways. The New West Youth Centre, located centrally in Moody Park, acts as the hub for all things Youth Services, offering extended daily hours and amenities and offices for leadership staff. Learn more here.


Additionally, New West Youth Services organizes fun events such as youth-only dances, swims and skates, concerts, Youth Week in May and seasonal out-trips. We also offer specialized signature programs such as the Youth Firefighter Program, Royal City Sound DJ program, and Music Scene jam sessions.

Our commitment to supporting youth also involves collaborating with many community groups throughout the year, ensuring that we maximize our efforts to provide the best variety of opportunities for youth in New Westminster and we are always looking for new programs and experiences that can benefit and inspire youth.


If you have questions, comments or an idea for youth programs or experiences, please contact:

Silisha Ali, Youth Services Coordinator

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