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Babysitter Bootcamp: March 14 - 18 (Spring Break)

We are hosting a Babysitting Bootcamp week at the Youth Centre/Century House during spring break for youth aged 11-14! Come learn effective and safe skills in a friendly and fun environment. Certificates will be awarded for successful completion.

🚨 Please note: this course was listed as a virtual event in error. It will be taking place IN PERSON at the Youth Centre for the entire week. Our apologies for the confusion this may have caused.

The program is a combination of course work and play and is open to youth aged 11 - 14. Complete the Canadian Safety Council Babysitter Training Course and Home Alone Course.

The camp will run Monday - Friday March 14-18, from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm daily.

Registration Fee: $111.25 for 5 classes.

Need more details?

Call 604.515.3775 or, email Youth Services Coordinator Silisha Ali

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