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Black Excellence Day & Black Shirt Day: January 13 - 15

Black Excellence Day and Black Shirt Day, both Canadian movements, coincide with the birthday of American civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. These events can help you get a fuller picture of the contributions and the ongoing civil rights struggle of Black Canadians that often go unacknowledged in history books and curriculums. This is a great lead up to Black History Month coming up in February.

Xhalida September & Steve September of the Anti-Racism Coalition of Vancouver

New West Youth Services will discuss and celebrate Black Excellence Day & Black Shirt Day on Friday, January 13th at the Youth Centre and Neighbourhood/Middle School Drop-ins after school! Hop over to our Instagram @newwestyouth to check it out!

Black Excellence Day: January 13

Black Excellence Day is a day to rejoice Black history and learn about Black stories, Black art and Black people, and a day to stand in solidarity with Black Canadians.

Black Excellence Day was created by Ninandotoo Society. The inaugural Black Excellence Day was on January 13, 2022. Visit to tune in to the virtual event at 10:15am to 12:00pm on Friday, January 13 and is age appropriate for Grade 6 - 12.

Black Shirt Day: January 13 - 15

The Anti-Racism Coalition (ARC) is a Vancouver-based grassroots organization, striving to end all forms of racial inequity through education, legislation, and social events. ARC Vancouver will host events over the weekend from January 13 - 15.

"Commemorating the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr 'Black Shirt Day' is both a day of education and remembrance, and an invitation to a necessary conversation about racial injustice." - ARC

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