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Spring Drop-in Season Begins March 27

Spring Break might be over but that doesn't mean the fun has to stop! Check out our drop-in schedule to see what we have planned. Get in touch with our team if you'd like more specific details on upcoming events planned.

Notes: New West Youth Centre returns to age 13 - 18 only, after spring break.

New West Youth Centre is open until 11:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Youth Drop-in

Hang out with friends, play sports in the gym, help with cooking, challenge youth staff to a game, or create your own fun! Each day there may be structured activities too. Fresh Friday’s elevate drop-in with new experiences and events.

New West Youth Membership Pass (NWYMP): $21.00 for 12 months

Membership includes access to Neighbourhood/Middle School and Youth Centre Drop-in, plus discounted prices on some programs and events. Purchase a membership at any recreation facility.

Admission Fees:

Youth Drop-in (11 - 18 years): $1.00

Youth Fitness Centre (@New West Youth Centre): $2.00 (or $1.00 if you have a NWYMP)

Basketball (@ Queensborough Community Centre): $2.00

Program Descriptions:

Leaders in Training (11- 18 years)

Meet new people, plan events, and build strong teamwork skills in a fun and exciting environment. Youth gain leadership experience through activities, speakers and

hands-on experience.

Basketball Drop-in (13 - 18 years)

Drop-in for some friendly competition. ID required for entrance. Wristbands must be worn.

YC Fitness Centre (13 - 18 years)

For first-time visit, complete a quick orientation. Drop-ins are welcome but space is not guaranteed. Register for a session at

Access fitness advisors for advice and programs, Thursdays, 3:00 - 5:30 pm.

Culinary Kitchen (13 - 18 years)

Learn some simple cooking techniques and recipes, and of course, eat what you create!

Learn to DJ Program (13 - 18 years)

Learn to mix music, use audio equipment and effects from Royal City Sound DJs. There are opportunities to perform at local events, but if that's is not your thing stop by and just jam. No experience is necessary.

Fresh Friday (13 - 18 years)

Not your everyday drop-in. something new and exciting every week. Have an idea? Let the staff know so we can make it happen!

​Music Scene Jam (13 - 18 years)

Use our instruments, or bring your own, and play some awesome tunes. All skill levels welcome.

Futsal (13 - 18 years)

Similar to soccer but with a smaller heavier ball and a smaller indoor court. It’s a little bit more intense and high pace, making it easier to score!

Badminton (13 - 18 years)

Come out for fun play and competitive tournaments. We only have a few rackets so bring your own if you have one.

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